When visiting Playa Samara or Puerto Carrillo the best way to transport yourself like the local do , feel the fresh air while you visit the  nearby beaches and in a very economical and ecological way is by bicycle.

The best place to buy, repair or rent these bikes is Guanabike, located just 5 minutes from the center of Samara, in the Matapalo neighborhood you will find Gerardo and Nancy, an entrepreneurial family that together with their young children have made their business grow by offering also special clothes for cycling, maintenance of bicycles, spare parts, new bicycles and much more.


In this business they also offer advice in case you want to practice this sport, since Gerardo has more than 15 years as a cyclist and has participated in different races, so he can help you choose the right equipment.

Important Information :


They offer  for sale new or used bicycles.

They offer spare parts and maintenance of all types of bicycle.

Bicycle rental: $ 10 per day, special prices for a week or more.


Contact information:


Tel: (506) – 8730 7981

Tel: (506) – 8885 3302


Facebook: Guanabike Cycle

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